Here We Go…

I should have started this two months ago. No. I should have started it six months ago… eighteen months, maybe.

I remember thinking how much I was going to get done once our son was born, my wife went back to work, and I was at home with him. I was going to learn JavaScript, enroll in online classes, and maybe even get my contractor’s license as the baby napped. I was really excited about “elevating my administrative role” at work.  I suppose if someone alerted me to the contrary, I wouldn’t have listened. I laugh about that now. It’s as if I thought I was inventing parenting. Life is great at humbling us. Now, if I can manage to eat a bowl of Golden Grahams before my wife gets home from work, I consider that a good day.

I’ve always wanted to be a dad. I thought for much of my early adulthood that I would not ever be in a place to bring a child into this world, responsibly. Then I met my wife, we built a life together, and we realized that we could, probably, pull it off.

I’ve never made much money. I have been a partial owner of  a small, collectively run bicycle repair shop for nearly a decade. It has remained stable, but doesn’t make enough to cover childcare(which is fine, because we would rather one of us be with our child). Thanks to my wife’s job as a Speech Language Pathologist at a public high school, we comfortably straddle the poverty line, so we decided that I would step back at work and stay at home with our baby. I was psyched.

We planned the pregnancy to correspond with the school year, as to maximize the maternity leave my wife could have. She stayed home with him for four months. Then she went back to work. That was two months ago.

This is where our saga begins.

To respect his eventual privacy, henceforth, our son shall be known as, The Squish. He is in charge. We live for him now. We do as he wishes.

Some things are easier than I thought they would be; Most things are much harder. I am really enjoying this, and I think I may even be doing a good job. I have a lot to learn,  and a lot to do. Hopefully this blog will be useful in some way.

Here are some things I’d like to accomplish here:

– Blow off steam. One’s mind can become withered with lack of mature discourse

– Normalize the burgeoning paradigm of the “stay at home dad”

– Grow as a person. I’ve never written before, but I’ve always wanted to.

– Share successes and failures in an attempt to help people who seek it.

– Elicit free beer.

I will try to be fairly regimented with my posts. Go easy on me, I’m not good at stuff. Maybe, once a week. We’ll see.

I would also like to post a “dad joke” I will need help with this. Please share your best with me. Here is an example: “I’m hungry.” “Hi hungry, I’m Dad.”

Thanks for listening,

He who dads in the night, a.k.a. Clinton

14 thoughts on “Here We Go…

  1. this is awesome Clinton! I have a mom(dad) joke for you: Yesterday a clown held a door for me. I thought it was a nice jester. or what’s the best thing about elevator jokes?… they work on so many levels. that’s all the time i have tonight folks! you’ve been great.

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  2. Good job! It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re staying at home with the kid, and how little free (adult) time you get. I stayed home for the first year with my son, and holy crap there was a lot that I didn’t expect. Have you got an ergo/tula some other carrier? That was my lifesaver, since I could just strap the kid on and go do something.

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