Living vicariously

How old does a kid need to be before you can start forcing it to learn piano, guitar, drums, and xylophone? I am a sloppy, undisciplined guitar player because I had to learn on the streets in my teens and I don’t want that for my son. The way I see it until he can articulate to us in a convincing way that he doesn’t want to be a musical dynamo, we should fill all of his free time with music lessons.

Oh, and what about martial arts? I’ve always regretted not pursuing Aikido or something; so it only makes sense to enroll the boy as soon as they’ll let me, right? I mean, we don’t want him to end up becoming a drug addict. Idle hands are the devil’s something something, right?

Are there any other shortcomings I can overcompensate for with my child? I always figured I’d teach him about auto maintenance, which I know next to nothing about, but car engines are just aluminum cubes that interface with expensive diagnostic software now, so nuts to that. Luckily, my wife is an excellent cook, so he’ll be set in that department.

Basically, he’s going to be a genius. Yeah, that’s right, We’re the first parents in history that decided to raise their child to be a genius. I don’t know why more people haven’t thought of this.

Here’s to second chances,
Clinton, a.k.a. just another insecure guy


I imagine The Squish will surpass this young man by four.


12 thoughts on “Living vicariously

  1. After drumming with Squish for four days, I am quite sure he will surpass the entire music
    profession by the time he is two. I am absolutely positive. Love Grandma

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