Pride goeth before the fall

The other day I after I got home from my one day a week of work I was sitting on the floor playing guitar. Our squishy little baby was enthralled. He was clinging to the guitar and pulling himself up onto his knees. It was a sterling moment. He knelt there, awkwardly teetering and my wife made a move to come to his rescue. I clucked out through a smug grin, “I got this, babe”. — Yeah, I call my wife babe. sorry — “I watch him nine hours a day, you know” I said. She gave me a sidelong glance and said ok. It wasn’t ten seconds later that he fell backward and bonked his head on the ground. He was fine but my unearned confidence had been shattered.

My wife was as gracious about the matter as the situation allowed. She said, “You got this, huh?”. I ate my humble pie; every bitter bite. It was the kind of thing that could only happen while she was watching. I have this sycophantic need to impress her that turns me into a bumbling moron. I tell myself she thinks it’s cute.

A man prides himself on some such thing or the other. Now, what I have to pride myself on is my ability to protect my baby. It seems I have a long way to go before I can call myself a master. In the meantime, I’ll be proud of…allowing the sands of time to strip me of my ego? Growing more in touch with my feminine side? I guess I’ll just be proud of my superhuman wife and our happy, healthy baby. Things could be worse.

In yet another kvetch about nothing,
Clinton, a.k.a. Father of the Fallen



12 thoughts on “Pride goeth before the fall

  1. Very funny and all too real from my earlier memories …… I once drop flipped my baby while cooking and he hit the floor….. I picked him up in 1 secend( one second baby drop rule, you know) and he was fine and smiling. Remember only one second to pick up baby!!!

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  2. We once sent our sub year old son down a slide in sneakers. Sneakers that immediately “stuck” to the metal catapulting him over the edge. I actually caught him before his sandy landing but there were witnesses. Like REAL parent witnesses…he is now 14 and Im not sure he has ever forgiven us.

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  3. Just wait until that child who can’t roll over all of a sudden learns to roll over and you can’t leave them on the bed anymore.

    Turns out that if they fall less than a meter there usually aren’t any serious injuries. Ask me how I know.

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