Hiatus Over, Probably, a.k.a Brain Pudding

So, I have no idea when my last post was. All I know is, Sometime around the beginning of summer, we decided to move across the state. After we decided to move, we realized that if we were going to do it we needed to sell our house, move all of our earthly possessions three hours away into a storage unit in roughly six weeks. Our small window was partially due to a vacation to Iceland we had planned earlier in the year. After our trip abroad,  we then moved into my wife’s sisters house, who lives in the town we moved to. We immediately started shopping for a house. I’ll go into detail about what kind of madness motivated us to do this all so hastily, later, if I feel like it… if it’s funny. Regardless, The tumult of it all left my brain in an ooze-like state; unable to write anything. I received droves and droves of emails and messages lamenting the loss of my contribution to the zeitgeist, but alas my brain was pudding.

On top of all that junk, My wife had the summer off of work, for she works in the school system. So, rather than being a “Stay-at-home-dad”, or SAHD, I was just kind of a bum. So writing about my SAHDness was hard. I still wouldn’t have done it, ’cause of the pudding brain, but, well, nevermind.

Here’s some funny stuff that has been happening in the Squish’s life. He walks now. He walks like a little drunk. He falls and hits his head. He makes weird guttural noises. He points at stuff. He points at nothing. He calls me Mama. He calls the lamp Dada. Actually, he calls everything mama.

What you might find interesting is that as soon as my wife was off work for the summer, my dear, sweet child wanted nothing to do with me. All of the bonding we had done, was out the window. I was chopped liver. As it turns out, he will only tolerate me if she is not in the general vicinity. He’s totally cool with me holding him as long as she’s completely gone. As soon as he gets a whiff of her, my name is mud. It’s fine. Whatevs.

We’re in contract on a home. We’re living in a basement; A really nice basement, but it makes for nice dramatic effect. My wife has started her new job, here in Central Oregon. Things are settling down a bit. Thanks for reading.

Until next time,
Darn Ok Dad, a.k.a. Clinton







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